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From October 22 to 30, Manifestations 2022 will occupy the eighth floor of the Eindhoven Veemgebouw with challenging and futuristic work by more than fifty artists who question contemporary bubble formation. An interactive experience that pulls the visitor out of his own bubble and reflects new realities. With the theme ‘Bubbles’ Manifestations once again presents a confrontational but above all disruptive adventure full of future perspectives.

Manifestations will be present during the Dutch Design Week in a mix of art, tech & fun with an exhibition, performances, meet-ups and children’s workshops. This seventh edition is also a journey into the future that leads through imaginary realities. This calls for a view that extends beyond one’s own bubble.

All those inward-looking, self-affirming bubbles underlie the questions that Manifestations focuses on this year. Within the theme ‘Bubbles’, more than fifty mostly young, recently graduated artists put the exciting interaction between people and technology in a surprising light from four different angles. With robotics, (bio) design, e-fashion and wearables, they show how this interaction can flourish or escalate.

We need a creative mind and a healthy dose of inspiration to spark the shift toward a more sustainable future. – Viola van Alphen, creative director Manifestations

What role do we want technology to play in our lives? The selected works of art depict different future scenarios and confront the visitor with the latest technologies. This provides a sneak preview of the future and explores possible answers to the question of how technology can contribute to a more social world.

About Manifestations

Manifestations is the festival of art and technology that celebrates digital activism through fun, wonder and curiosity. A bit rebellious too, with an eye for the inconvenient and the role of technology in a world that could do with something better and more pleasant.

Thanks to a daring and futuristic focus on the consequences of innovation, the festival is one of the most edgy events during Dutch Design Week, challenging the visitor to look more critically at technological and societal developments. Artistic vision helps with this. Artists see new possibilities, new applications, new connections, new scenarios and place inevitable technological developments in an unexpected perspective.

Springboard for leading talent

Manifestations always shows groundbreaking work that is far ahead of innovation, appeals to the imagination and has not been shown anywhere else. Every year, the team of curators goes through the exam exhibitions of all Dutch art and design courses in search of promising talent. This makes Manifestations an important springboard for maker beginners, who are subsequently noticed during the festival by scouts from (international) festivals and museums. Much of the talent that first exhibited at Manifestations has grown into a creative army of established names that has since conquered the art world.

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From connecting dimensions, extraterritorialities to cyborgs and Virtual Reality

What can you expect? Speculative teenage room of the future. Radiant goddesses, Living room of the future that connects people worldwide in all dimensions. Cuddly Robots, Introspection Puzzle, Time Travel, Hyperscope, Extraterritorialities and Offshore, Waste Light, Smile Jewels, Lolitaization, Voyeurism and Inner Reflections, Boundless Urine Product, White nuts, Fashion of the Future, Biotech Materials for Fashion and Homes, 4K Critical time shells, Future of Videomapping, Digital Punishment, Love, Shame and awkward memories, Retro Climate Change, 4D toilet, Toxic Truth, Depressing Popup store, The Disappearance of hacker Arjen Kamphuis, AR, VR.

Manifestations is a journey into the future, past ‘unreal’ technological realities and if you scroll down a bit, you will see that we have already highlighted a number of works and artists for you.

The program also includes workshops for children, lectures, performances, and meet-ups. The first names have been confirmed, read on for three highlighted projects and from now on keep an eye on the website Manifestations.nl and social media for the full program and special events.


Manifestations festival, Art, Tech & Fun! For the seventh year in a row, Manifestations shows artists who, in a funny, spectacular or controversial way, examine the (mis)matches between people and technology and ask how technology can contribute to a sweeter, more humane world.

The festival takes place 22 – 30 October, in the Veem building Eindhoven and is expanding with an online part. The theme of this year’s edition: Bubbels!

Over 50 works by mostly young, recently graduated artists will be shown, putting the exciting interaction between people and technology in a different light. Manifestations is the largest Art & Tech event during Dutch Design Week. Visit our website for the full range and program of kids workshops, lectures and meet-ups. We offer tours and VIP tours in English, Dutch, French and Arabic; contact us for more info!
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What can you expect? ROBOTS, e-Fashion, the Kids program, future teenage bedroom,, livingroom of the future, and coolest Instagram filters you can try out live, Sansar and Second Life. And discover more about yourself, solutions for security & connectedness in the public space … and more.

In 2022 Manifestations will again consist of Art, Technology and Fun, explained by ‘Bubbels’… We need Fun and self-humor in a world where misunderstanding and fear dominates.

Be sure to follow Manifestations on Facebook or Instagram to be the first to know when the registrations are open for the physical event, and how to join at the online for livestreams and a trip in the virtual world. Note, you can also add Manifestations to your favorites at the program on DDW.nl.

Location: Veem
Torenallee 100 (side entrance)
22 t/m 30 October, daily from 11:00 to 18:30
Accessible for wheelchairs: ground floor. Kids program.



The Manifestations festival at DDW 22-30 Oct in Eindhoven, is dedicated to showing the more human side of technology.
Curator Viola van Alphen has selected works by over fifty young artists and recent graduates that aim to shine a powerful light on the exciting interaction between human beings and technology.
The festival will touch on themes as wide-ranging and current as geopolitical superpowers, body enhancements, robots, fear, hope, mass media, e-Fashion and the Macho versus the feminine. Participants include Viola Renate, Adriaan Lokman and many young talents of Dutch art academies 2022.  

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