About us

Let’s burst the bubbles, free ourselves, look further and see how far technology can contribute to a better world. Are you ready for a sneak peek at the future?


Let us surprise you with the projects of the exhibition which consists up to 80% of young talents. You’ll see them first at Manifestations, before they’re included in the collections of major museums all over the world. They challenge you with a sharp edge, but remain innovative and playful.

Think of robots, e-fashion, kids program, speculative teenage room of the future. Radiant goddesses, Living room of the future that connects people worldwide in all dimensions. Cuddly Robots, Introspection Puzzle, Time Travel, Hyperscope, Extraterritorialities and Offshore, Waste Light, Smile Jewels, Lolitaization, Voyeurism and Inner Reflections, Boundless Urine Product, White nuts, Fashion of the Future, Biotech Materials for Fashion and Homes, 4K Critical time shells, Future of Videomapping, Digital Punishment, Love, Shame and awkward memories, Retro Climate Change, 4D toilet, Toxic Truth, Depressing Popup store, The Disappearance of hacker Arjen Kamphuis, AR, VR.
Manifestations is a journey into the future, past ‘unreal’ technological realities.

Manifestations 2022 –


Let’s burst the bubbles, free ourselves, look further and see how far technology can contribute to a better world. Are you ready for a sneak peek at the future?

At Manifestations you will see things that you have not seen anywhere else. With a focus on the consequences of innovation and a spicy dose of art, tech & fun, we challenge you to take a more critical look at the (mis)match between people and technology in a world that could do with something better and nicer. The disruptive gaze of artists helps with this. More than fifty artists, of whom about thirty have just graduated, place the unstoppable technological developments in an unexpected perspective with groundbreaking work that has never been shown before. A colorful collection of robotics, (bio) design, e-fashion and wearables reflects the exciting interaction between humans and technology. It can flourish or escalate…

Get out of your bubble completely…

Bubbles aren’t new. But thanks to the internet, the algorithm trap and corona, we have been sucked deeper and deeper into our own bubble. Finger-pointing, black-and-white thinking and further polarizing, we have arrived in a world order that puts everything on edge. It’s time we softened up again, popped the bubbles and let the positive in ourselves come out. Let yourself be swept along by different future perspectives and new realities. Taste the beauty of smile jewels, step over the threshold of a speculative teenage room, experience the convenience of the 4D toilet, venture into extraterritorialities, feel the softness of cuddly robots or try the introspection puzzle.

Accessible to everyone

Manifestations focuses on a broad audience outside the established art and technology world. With an interactive exhibition, performances, meet-ups and children’s programming, Manifestations aims to appeal to young and old with the question: To what extent does technology determine your actions?

An initiative of the Art & Technology Foundation and creative director and curator Viola van Alphen.

Our own Circles or Different Worlds?

We are all shaped and conditioned by the bubbles we are in: they form our frame of reference. Within this framework, it seems that everyone agrees with us and we are right. It’s time to realize  that we see the world through our own filters, and that there are more bubbles that we don’t see directly.

#bubbles #identity #conditioning #formation #frameofreference #theworldisbiggerthanyouthink

Masks & Uniform

Above all, we must follow our heart and be ourselves. At the same time, do we have to fit into a socially acceptable picture? The latest technological developments offer the freedom to experiment with our identity in virtual worlds. But to what extent is this still possible with Facebook’s real name policy? Due to the lack of privacy, do we now mainly show our sparkling, always positive and correct bubbly personas?

#freedom #identity #masks #uniform #privacy #self-confirmation #woke #status #superficial

Arrogance & Conflict

In general, we are convinced that what we think, say and do is correct. Are we arrogant or just confident? Yet we are more often on the wrong side (of history) than we like. Isn’t it time to face that the world is more complex than what we experience in our tunnel vision?

#arrogance #ignorance #anger #frustration #conflict #black and white #clearurgency #self-assurance #grip #overview #movement&experiment #impairingcurrentworldview #pointingfingers

Soap Bubble & Transience

The question is how strong is our need for an order that determines where you do and don’t belong.. Are we going back into a compartmentalized society or will our bubbles burst like soap bubbles as soon as we understand how propaganda and media machines work? Will we always accept people in power with a beautiful new story that leads to polarization again?

#temporality #psychological-shortcircuit #other #denial #open #population #manipulation #fakenews

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Stichting Art & Technology

Organisation for Multi Media art, yearly organises projects presenting i.e. media art, with the goal: TECH FOR GOOD: a healthy development of technology, focussing on reaching visitors from outside the art-bubble.. and several other TECH FOR GOOD projects. More info: www.artandtechnology.nl

Over Manifestations
Manifestations is hét festival van kunst en technologie dat via fun, verwondering en nieuwsgierigheid het digitale activisme viert. Tikje rebels ook, met oog voor het ongemakkelijke en de rol van technologie in een wereld die wel wat beter en liever mag.
Dankzij een gedurfde en futuristische focus op de gevolgen van innovatie, is het festival een van de meest edgy evenementen tijdens Dutch Design Week, dat de bezoeker uitdaagt kritischer te kijken naar ontwikkelingen. De blik van kunstenaars helpt hierbij. Zij zien nieuwe mogelijkheden, nieuwe toepassingen, nieuwe verbindingen, nieuwe scenario’s en plaatsen de niet te stuiten technologische ontwikkelingen in een onverwacht perspectief.

Springplank voor toonaangevend talent
Manifestations opereert in de voorhoede met grensverleggend werk dat de innovatie ver vooruit is, tot de verbeelding spreekt en nog nergens anders is vertoond. Jaarlijks gaat het team van curatoren de examenexposities van alle Nederlandse kunst- en designopleidingen af op zoek naar veelbelovend talent. Dit maakt van Manifestations een belangrijke springplank voor beginnende makers, die vervolgens tijdens het festival worden opgemerkt door scouts van (internationale) festivals en musea. Veel talent dat voor het eerst exposeerde bij Manifestations, is uitgegroeid tot een creatief leger van gevestigde namen dat de kunstwereld inmiddels heeft veroverd.

Team 2022

Creative Director / Curator: Viola van Alphen
Business Leader: Lorin Kamperman
Floormanagers: Nikol Vetronova, Agnes van Dijk, Imke Marks, Marleen van den Broek, Werner Mohr
External Relations: Peter Visser
Volunteer Coordinator: Nikol Vetronova
Social Media: Yolande Willink
Staff Assistent and Educatie: Asja Radakovic, Angela Vissers
Guest Curator: Erik-Jan Kamerbeek
Communication: Nicolet Pennekamp
Website and Design: Flora Hellemons, Gudule, Fierman, Nicolet Pennekamp, Oscar Wouterse
Photography and Video: Edwin Smits, Roy te Lintelo, Nadia Hagen, Edwin Smits, Sophie Verstappen, Rudy Betorina, Urban Studio, Studio-H, Marina Provatidou, Olivier Jansen
Exhibition Design: St Lucas College
Tour guides: Arie Rommers, Angela Visser, Cris Copini, Floor Toebes, Gera Le Mair, Hannah Bossers, Joost Kaarsemaker, Petra van Mierlo, Remi van Herpen, Werner Mohr, Agnes van Dijk
Building Team and Light Design: De Fantasten and many others. And many, many volunteers!!

Nauwe co-“partners-in crime”: MAD emergent art center, Emmaus, Kobane, and others.
Manifestations is een inclusief event.

Raad van Toezicht:
drs. G.J.W.M. Altena voorzitter (Stichting Pangea – voor maatschappij en cultuurkritiek)
drs. A.B.A.G. Rasing secretaris (Stichting Odeon – versterken van de culturele infrastructuur)
F.C. Manders (Hyperspace Instituut – Beroepsvereniging AR VR MR)
J.D. Huizenga (Head of Department Interactive/Media/Design at Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, Co-Founder European Street Design Challenge, vrml Waag society)
A. de Raad (Notary. Legal, MSX game pioneer)
Raad van Advies:
J. Wieringa (Zakelijk Leider Cultureel Centrum DOOR Dordrecht)
J. A. Lino ( Designer / Professor Media, Interaction and Narration / Theme Leader Creative Economy Fontys, vrml zakelijk leider STRP festival, Designhuis)
J. Post (vrml directeur Philips, Rode Kruis, voorzitter KvK Amsterdam)