About us

Seen from four monstrous perspectives, Manifestations gives you a view at the interaction between man & technology and lets you discover the dilemmas that are associated with technical developments. Who really is the Beauty and who the Beast? Are we ourselves perhaps the monster? Strange and terrifying… or, on the contrary, sweet and human like Cookie Monster?

''Monsters: Free the Byte!''

Let us surprise you with the projects of the exhibition which consists up to 80% of young talents. You’ll see them first at Manifestations, before they’re included in the collections of major museums all over the world. They challenge you with a sharp edge, but remain innovative and playful. Think of robots, e-fashion, kids program, algae coat, technology & religion, clock with colors of the day instead of numbers, lonely pool people, privacy, body enhancements, mutants to deviate from the norm, what does your soul look like? Discover the future homo sapiens who can live under water. Generate your own energy, watch post apocalyptic videos, discover Eindhoven as arms trade city, enjoy e-Girls and Gaming Girls. Discover the most beautiful and coolest Instagram filters you can try out live. Check the large virtual worlds of Sansar and Second Life. Play with VR and Haute Couture … And discover more about yourself, the other and more.

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Stichting Art & Technology

Organisation for Multi Media art, yearly organises projects presenting i.e. media art, with the goal: TECH FOR GOOD: a healthy development of technology, focussing on reaching visitors from outside the art-bubble.. and several other TECH FOR GOOD projects. More info: www.artandtechnology.nl

Team 2022

Creative Director / Curator: Viola van Alphen
Business Leader: Lorin Kamperman
Floormanagers: Nikol Vetronova, Agnes van Dijk, Niki Scheijen
External Relations: Peter Visser
Volunteer Coordinator: Nikol Vetronova
Social Media: Yolanthe
Staff Assistent and Educatie: Angela Vissers
Communication: Nicolet Pennekamp
Website and Design: Flora Hellemons, Gudule, Fierman, Nicolet Pennekamp, Oscar Wouterse
Photography and Video: Edwin Smits, Roy te Lintelo, Nadia Hagen, Edwin Smits, Sophie Verstappen, Rudy Betorina, Urban Studio, Studio-H, Marina Provatidou, Olivier Jansen
Exhibition Design: St Lucas College
Building Team and Light Design: De Fantasten and many others. And many, many volunteers!!

Nauwe co-“partners-in crime”: MAD emergent art center: Rene Pare, Eric Sprik, Paul Zuurveen, and others.
Manifestations is een inclusief event.

Raad van Toezicht:
drs. G.J.W.M. Altena voorzitter (Stichting Pangea – voor maatschappij en cultuurkritiek)
drs. A.B.A.G. Rasing secretaris (Stichting Odeon – versterken van de culturele infrastructuur)
F.C. Manders (Hyperspace Instituut – Beroepsvereniging AR VR MR)
J.D. Huizenga (Head of Department Interactive/Media/Design at Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, Co-Founder European Street Design Challenge, vrml Waag society)
A. de Raad (Notary. Legal, MSX game pioneer)
Raad van Advies:
J. Wieringa (Zakelijk Leider Cultureel Centrum DOOR Dordrecht)
J. A. Lino ( Designer / Professor Media, Interaction and Narration / Theme Leader Creative Economy Fontys, vrml zakelijk leider STRP festival, Designhuis)
J. Post (vrml directeur Philips, Rode Kruis, voorzitter KvK Amsterdam)