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Save the date! Media Art Festival with Expo during Dutch Design Week 2023 from October 21-29 and longer @Veem Eindhoven. Curious about Virtual Worlds? Visit one here.

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Well-filled with young talent & exciting projects, again the exhibition promises to be the most talked-about part of Dutch Design Week. Physically and online. With projects that act at the intersection of art and technology Manifestations asks you how far technology determines your world, thinking and acting.

Continuous fresh airflow.

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    Theme 2022: Bubbles!

    All artists, designers and projects specially selected for Manifestations: Click on the images and names for more information.

    1. Known Circles or Different Worlds?
    #bubbles #identity #conditioning #formation #frame of reference #theworldisbiggerthanyouthink

    VR Print Décors™ Viewing Reception
    Digital artist Viola Renate (previously Viola from Pinar&Viola) presents her new otherworldly interior design company VR Print Décors™.

    The intimate installation exhibits The Solo Collection, existing of digitally executed wallpaper paintings, patterns and ecstatic décor artefacts.

    V. Renate translates the alter dimension of our digital ecosphere back into human being. Striking interior objects of desire, which set the scene to the play, intend to pop closed bubbles and expand limited depths of style.


    Animaltroniek reflects an above water world in which robotics, mechanics and electronics are fused in a transparent way and ‘cuddly’ creatures originate. The project is inspired by ‘Animatronics’ a discipline which is particularly well known within the movie and television world Robots and robotics play an important part in our society. Humans and animals are imitated; experiments are carried out on both a physical and psychological level. What if this goes too far and takes on a life of its own? This project investigates the turning point in the language of movement and imagery, that makes the human brain ‘switch’ over and accepts something artificial as realistic’.

    I want to enhance change due to exchange. Focusing on the dependency on real human interaction and following the feeling of connectivity. Experiencing resonance, while sharing and creating in a space, is left behind by using digital communication tools. I want to evoke resonance. 

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: Minerva Groningen

    Introspection puzzle:

    The subconscious and the soul is examined: what we do, we must first do reflection inwards. Also, when we clean the house, we feel better and feel a new sensation. What happens when you are about to lose yourself?

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: Minerva Groningen

    Bent van den Berg is an multi-media artist and designer with both foots in the physical and digital realms. In his work, he mixes the analog with the digital, through enriching physical sculptures with a visual-show. By means of this, he rather works abstract than figuratively and tries to bring art closer to the experience. 

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: HKU Utrecht

    The hyper-scope is a tool made to explore a non-existing hyper real universe. It gives you a perception of possible new dimensions and a glimpse into a parallel universe. In this reality we explore the hyper real world of geometry and patterns. The illusion is a teaser of what could be experienced if ever confronted within this un-real space.

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: KABK Den Haag

    The Great Offshore is a long-term research on offshore finance that aims to highlight its inner mechanisms, networks and agents, how it shapes legislations and creates new extra-territorialities.

    RYBN.ORG will exhibit the Algoffshore project: a series of flowcharts that presents blueprints of fictitious automated systems for tax optimisation and asset management, designed from the perspective of their ultimate beneficiaries.

    Each system relies on an important documentation, and describes the fundamental mechanisms underlying offshore capitalism: systematic tax avoidance and optimisation, the use of proxies, complex anonymisation processes, transformation of artworks into liquid financial vehicles, citizenship-by-investment programmes for international mobility enhancement, cryptocurrency based money laundering, or the exploitation of flags of convenience as legal loopholes in the high seas.

    The Great Offshore is co-produced by RYBN.ORG and : I. espace multimedia Gantner, CNC/DICRÉAM, La Gaîté Lyrique, FNAGP (Fondation Nationale des Arts Graphiques et Plastiques), H3K, II. the French Institute within its residency program Les collectifs, III. m-cult in context of the European Media Art Platform EMAP’s residency programme.



    Public jewelry that uses waste light to grow food (algae) and capture C02.

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: Minerva Groningen & National College of Art and Design, Ireland


    2. Masks & Uniform
    #freedom #identity #masks #uniform #privacy #self-confirmation #woke #status #superficial

    My family of ‘smile devices’ questions the influence of history, society, social media and sexuality on the social behaviour of smiling. By forcing the wearer to smile I want to create awareness about those habits of our bodies that go unnoticed in daily life. 

    #wearability of art

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: Rietveld

    G1rl W0rld is an exploration of gender through archetypes. By inviting viewers to interact with multiple layers of textiles and augmented reality, the project seeks to open discussions regarding the sexualisation and objectification of women in mainstream media.

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: KABK


    gURL is a speculative 2.5Dimensional teen bedroom installation, which explores the effects of digitalisation, attempts of CTRL of external entities, self expression and finding retreat in (digital) realms in the year 2032. Accompanied by a 80-page teen magazine, an audio track, face filters, 3D clothes and miscellaneous custom made gURL items, trinkets and objects.

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award – WDKA

    3. Conflict & Confidence
    #arrogance #ignorance #anger #frustration #conflict #black and white #clear urgency #self-assurance #grip #overview #movement&experiment #impairing current worldview #pointing fingers

    Activist clothing line drawing attention to problems related to male dominance in our society. Merel loves her one-liners just as much as a good discussion regarding the topic, be invited to do so!

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award – Zuyd www.vogelvete.nl 

    [en]The Arctium is a metaphysical lab where we collectively create new unstable and shapeshifting cultural notions of gender performance through digital, physical, and performative artefacts.

    By refusing to comply with rigid, singular concepts of reality, this alternative world nurtures relationships between worlds, practices, and perspectives. It provides a space to explore the transformative dimension of gender performance through footwear, fiction and collaboration.

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: WDKA Rotterdam

    ‘Let’s not waste the gold of our body’.

    Nowadays we are increasingly investing in self-sustainable systems to preserve human mankind. We are searching for the best inventions to rejuvenate ourselves, while we forget to dive into our essence. Sometimes the solution is closer than you think. Every day we produce body liquids, and U’RE IN breaks the taboo of using them. In this interactive performative installation, I research how I can sell my liquid gold, and use branding to influence consumer behavior.

    This work will be presented in a Pop-up store.

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: HKU Utrecht


    What are Farmers Defense Force supporters watching? And why don’t we read about this in the Volkskrant?
    dr. ir. Aalt Dijkhuizen – Former chairman Agricultural Collective and Chairman of the Board WUR Wageningen


    Tanja Vujinović is a cybernetic artist who creates MetaGardens, transcendental artefacts and Proto-machines and exhibits media artworks internationally for 25 years, while exploring philosophical subjects of play, identity, synthetic Other using VR, IOT, and game engines.


    link to world:


    Within Infinity Of The Artificial Skin we investigate how phygital fashion can play a role if a virtual social network such as the Metaverse will mix with reality.

    This collection uses a Metaverse first approach and is designed using mathematical fractals such as Sierpiński’s arrowhead.

    We are one. How can a cooperation with (micro-)organisms help us to evolve to an ever upgrading conscious species? How can we make biotechnology the new normal in the future? Oummite focusses on biotech material development for clothing and housing in order to extend ourselves with extra living powers. Met dank aan Tetem Enschede.

    Starway to Heaven is a project of 8 immense goddesses – constructed from costumes and self-made props – that were previously presented in fashion performances. Re-use is the common thread in Marjolein’s installations. She breathes new life into old work, transforming its meaning. It symbolises the continuous change that surrounds us. The goddesses invite us to stand still. To turn inwards and get in touch with who we really are. So that we can reach our divine essence: light. You may ‘Shine’: You’re a Star!


    “Timeshells” are compositions of objects, upon which repetitious events are projected. Highlighted by a play of virtual lights they convey the sense of a day passing within a span of minutes. Behind the playful lights, each installation offers a, poetic, absurd or critical look at our society.


    A game about data craving. In which you experience, what it is like to watch and judge people, without them judging you. And make important choices about their future.

    Nominated for the Yong Talent Award: St Joost Breda


    How real is love if AI generates your love letters? Does AI endanger our ability to form meaningful connections? Love Letter Generator is a playful invitation to ethical reflection on AI.

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: TU/e 



    How many uncomfortable memories do you have about someone else?

    VR installation, in which the visitor is an old man, Bernhard, and just before his death he appears to have isolated himself with 30 cats for fear of social discomfort.
    The cats give him the chance to do it again, he can just speak to a friend, otherwise the cats will eat him. “If you can resolve your uncomfortable memories, then maybe you won’t die alone, and if you can’t, we’ll really eat your body.”
    He was afraid during Bingo to get up and shout Bingo, later in life to rub a lady’s back on the beach, or fell silent during Karaoke. The visitor experiences a learning experience: because fear is not necessary and is encouraged to break open the environment.
    How much do you care about someone else?
    How many uncomfortable memories do you have about someone else?

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: St Joost Breda


    4. Soap Bubble & Transience
    #temporality #psychological-short circuit #other #denial #open #population #manipulation #fakenews

    This project is about creating awareness about what we can do to combat climate change using poster designs in retro style, inspired by old horror movie genre posters. In this way it can entertain and create awareness at the same time.

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award St Joost Breda


    About fake news, TATA steel and RIVM figures.

    Giftige Waarheid (Toxic Truth) is a book containing 4012 pieces of data received through Citizen Sensing about the pollution in the area around Tata Steel. The close collaboration between Defesche and the residents of the IJmond resulted in a book of more than 700 pages. Parts of this printed with the emissions caused by the factory. By means of a self-developed method, these emissions can be converted into ink. The book toxic truth will soon be forwarded to the Public Prosecution Service via Bénédicte Ficq, the criminal lawyer who assists the victims in the process that follows the declaration they have made.

    The first book consists not only of photos but all kinds of data about the pollution. The second part is a file of the environmental service where all reported I ordinary incidents are stored.

    New insights arise through cross-references between the books.

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: WDKA

    A physical design about the thrift store Emmaus Domstad. Visitors’ senses are stimulated to create awareness about the DNA and identity of the thrift store. “Giving people and things a second life” is central to the design. Do you want to see and know more? Then give a look at www.alot4u.nl

    The installation encourages self-reflection about sustainability and why we are always in our own consumer bubble.

    Together with Emmaus Eindhoven, a design and art shop is being set up next door, where all artists can sell their work without having to pay anything.

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: HKU Utrecht

    The water board of the Utrecht region asked us to give students a better picture of the water board in a fun way. We have designed a 4D experience where you experience a journey through the sewer. In the 4D-IXI all senses are stimulated and afterwards some information is also given about how you can contribute to clean water 😉

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: HKU Utrecht

    chaOrder Reflect is a fragmentation of a journey of discovery in consciousness; in search of chaOrder. The object is an introduction in the most physical form. How we perceive the world in an orderly way, the reflections of the poles dance in chaos, playing and distorting the world around them, transforming into authentic deformations.

    ChaOrder brings the magic and creates a dance that fuses the opposite poles of chaOs and Order into unity.

    Combined with my poem this leaves behind an experience that makes you stand still in peace. The reflection of your own authentic perspective float upwards.

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: HKU Utrecht

    www.flolo.art https://www.instagram.com/studio.flolo/ 

    Fine TM, the most depressing pop-up store: a cynical dive into our shared future. Every day our heads are stuffed with increasingly crazier, more extreme and depressing news. What will the future look like in 50 years if this continues? How do people live their daily lives?

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: Fontys Tilburg

    What does it mean to have to deal with trauma? With ‘Surviving Trauma’ we want to make people more aware of taboos that should never have become taboos. Four young people, four backpacks, four stories.
    Themes such as sexual abuse and neglect, unwanted abortion and identity problems.


    By means of an interactive spotlight, a shadow world comes to life that shows our human, recognizable but often unexpressed emotions and feelings.

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: HKU Utrecht

    Sustainable FashionArt of prepared orange peel, mummified cole leafs and seaweed.


    A collaborative project about magic, drag culture and contemporary escorting between the artist Nausi Love (www.nausilove.com / only fans: nausi.love).

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: KABK Den Haag

    Groen’s art is about people in extreme situations. The subject of this work is the disappearance of Arjen Kamphuis; an accident, crime, or voluntary disappearance? No body has been found, and the mystery remains unsolved.


    The Augmented Reality installation LEAFDE focuses on “the right of the plant” and explores how the narrative of plants can be used to tell the human story.

    Plants are given shelter, care and space to share their story and history.

    The AR plant shelter tells the story of plants, but thereby also the story of the people in the plants’ lives. It makes complicated themes such as inclusivity, subsistence, multiple perspectives and ownership more approachable and open for discussion.

    LEAFDE is a “living installation” that – as long as there is enough care – makes people aware of the situation we are in and the skills needed to survive as a society.

    LEAFDE is developed by Ton Nieuwenhuis during a production trajectory within Cross-TIC under the guidance of Tetem.


    Tools for a Warming Planet is a living archive of present-day and speculative tools for adapting to a changing world. New tools are needed for understanding, responding, communicating, building, and living together through climate change. This project is a crowd-sourced collection of actionable projects bridging design, activism, and science. Collectively, they respond to environmental, material, and community needs of our near future.



    What do you know about algorithms? Find out and be surprised with a recipe based on your input. FRESH ALGORITHMS is a project of Huis73 in which we work together with artists, scientists, educators and with you!



    In her work Tamar is fascinated by texture, colors and by patterns based on the nature. In her ceramic sculptures you can clearly see this in the organic shapes and colours. In this way she allows nature to return to the interior.

    Vertical handcrafted sculptures, each one is a record of the process of making as a ritual. The sculptures consist of a ceramic cell structure with electronic elements. A subtle play of light and sound animate the whimsical shapes, part sculpture, part apparatus.

    Watch the videos below:

    Do you want to see more online festivals?

    Erwin van de Zande – Bright

    “Manifestations slaagt er elk jaar weer in om te laten zien wat er gebeurt als kunst en technologie elkaar raken met sterke curatie en verrassende werken. Het event doet dat op een voor Nederland unieke manier en toont wat wij met technologie doen en andersom wat technologie met ons doet.”

    Eric van Eerdenburg – Lowlands

    “Bij Manifestations zie je dingen aan de rand van ontwikkelingen, die je niet snel ergens anders tegenkomt, het is edgy en heeft weinig woorden nodig om te spreken.”

    Nicole Spit - Studio Dáárheen

    “Waardevolle pers-artikelen, uitnodigingen vervolgexposities.
    Manifestations heeft mijn positie in de kunst en ontwerperswereld verstevigd.”

    DAAN DE KORT - Tweede Kamerlid

    “Ik bezoek al jaren de DDW, maar de mooiste tour kreeg ik bij Manifestations.”

    Peter Kentie - directeur Citymarketing Eindhoven365

    “Ik ben onder de indruk van de kwaliteiten van Manifestations. Technologie groeit in een razend tempo, laten wij als Eindhoven toonaangevend in de wereld zijn hoe we daarmee om gaan, die power en die mensen hebben wij. Eindhoven365 gelooft in het concept Manifestations en het potentieel ervan.”


    “Ik vond Manifestions voor mij een van de hoogtepunten van de Dutch Design Week!
    Dat heeft o.a te maken met de diversiteit die jullie in een verhaal bijeen weet te brengen!
    Balans in de ruimste zin des woords.” 


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